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Widow Smith’s Station Commercial Movers

“We have enjoyed serving clients for over 2 years with our award-winning service. If you are in need of moving your business to a new office or multiple offices, we are committed to providing you with the highest level of customer satisfaction, and exceptional customer service. We strive to deliver on our promises time again.” – Jennifer G. Nourse, President & CEO

“We have enjoyed working with Best West Moving for our entire corporate relocation process. The entire team is highly knowledgeable about their products and are extremely organized. They are willing to work closely with you throughout the entire moving process.” – Karen M. Smith, President and Chief Executive Officer

Best West Moving: Commercial Movers in Widow Smith’s Station

“A great detail that we appreciated having at the beginning of the process was Eagle’s knowledge of all the requirements involved in commercial moving. From the time it took us to complete our preliminary assessments, to receiving and organizing all the necessary documentation, to coordinating the shipping of those items to the new offices, they never let us down. Their attention to detail is something we appreciate at every stage of the moving process.” – Paula S. DiClemente, President & Chief Executive Officer

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“We found that Best West Moving’s ability to help expedite the commercial project management task at hand, helped us to reduce the number of potential errors and saved time. They made sure that we had a complete inventory management system in place from the time we received the lease proposal to receiving, organizing, and signing all the final paperwork for the transaction. We were able to manage all of the inventory management needs without having to rely on multiple, or even multiple different vendors for such services.” – Donald R. Young, Commercial Real Estate Investor

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“While working with Best West Moving, we appreciated their expertise in commercial moving. They were very responsive to our needs and suggestions. The coordination of moving the furniture into the new facility and coordination of the furniture shipping was completed without any problems. They offered a secure and safe environment for our employees while at the same time allowing us to continue our focus on the commercial property and the leasing of the space itself.” – Karen L. Pizzo, Commercial General Manager, Liberty Realty Corp

Best Commercial Movers in Widow Smith’s Station, California

“” Best West Moving has been an outstanding partner in our commercial relocation and residential relocation operations. We are very pleased with the entire service that they provided to us during our move. Our offices were in such a state of disarray after losing our lease office, but we were fortunate to work with such a professional group of people who made moving day-to-day tasks not only easy but painless for all of us. Our offices were cleaned out, our inventory managed, and Eagle did most everything else that we could have hoped for.” – Richard T. Gaffney, President and CEO of The Gaffney Company.

Best Commercial Movers in Widow Smith’s Station, California

“Eagles is the best commercial moving services provider I have ever dealt with. They exceeded my high expectations both in terms of quality of products and customer service. The movers showed an immediate concern for our well-being and made sure we were provided with security and safety throughout the moving process. They helped move our belongings safely and securely and yet were very gentle with us throughout the move.” – J. David Shulkin, Managing Partner, Movers & Packers Incorporated.

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“When it comes to commercial relocation and office move-in, movers and Packers can’t be beat. They have great customer service, knowledge of local laws, and are available at any time for any reason you may need them. They even make the move easy by offering on-site inventory management.” – Karen C. Chung, President and Chief Executive Officer of KDC Incorporated. “We liked working with movers and Packers because they were extremely prompt, professional, knowledgeable and helpful. They made our move easy, secure, and gave us a lot of time to ourselves to really enjoy our new home.”