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Moving a refrigerator isn’t as simple as pushing a few buttons and watching it move. Yes, it is a possible task provided that you follow the correct steps to moving a refrigerator the wrong way. However, if hiring movers to transport your refrigerator across town is simply not an option for you, then this Refrigerator Moving Checklist is exactly what you require. Moving a refrigerator isn’t as simple as pushing a few buttons and waiting for the refrigerator to walk through the door. There are several safety protocols that must be followed when moving a refrigerator or any large appliance. This Refrigerator Moving Checklist will show you exactly how to move a refrigerator on your own.

*Boxes and Packing – Before anything else, get your hands on a box or two of packing paper and some cardboard boxes. The first thing you’ll want to do is make a rough drawing of what the interior of the refrigerator will look like. Next, decide what appliances you’ll be moving and pack them accordingly. You don’t have to pack everything; you just need to know where everything is going. That’s why packing in general is so important; appliances don’t stand a chance of breaking if they are crammed into a small space.

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*Use a Fridge Locator – If you are planning on moving this large appliance on your own, one of your first tasks is to purchase a refrigerator dolly from your local moving company. A good moving company will have a number of dolly options at their disposal, but if you are moving it on your own, the company may not have one available for rent. A fridge locator can come in handy to help you find your appliance wherever you store it.

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*Learn About Moving Laws – Before any movers take your refrigerator away, it’s important that you educate yourself about the laws surrounding moving houses. Some states require refrigerators to be kept behind closed doors at all times, so be aware of any such laws before beginning. Other states allow moving companies to use plain boxes, but it’s always best to be sure. In either case, read any paperwork that comes with the moving tips and let anyone you talk to know what the moving tips involve.

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*Step One – If you’re moving someone else’s refrigerator, be sure to provide them with the complete information on the moving plan. This includes any steps or procedures that you know will be involved, such as lifting or moving the door. You should also include any warning signs that need to be taken care of immediately. In most cases, you should also provide a copy of the lease/rental agreement so that nothing is left out.

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*Step Two – Once everything is ready, you should contact the moving company and schedule the first pick up. The majority of appliances will need to be transported in an organized fashion so that they will be easy to find and pack up. Be sure to give the moving company the measurements of your appliances so that they can properly transport them. Refrigerator moving boxes are the most important appliances to have during the move, so make sure that you have them packed and ready for when your appliances will arrive.

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*Step Three – As you start packing your belongings, be sure to remove all furniture sliders from your refrigerator. These are used for sliding ice in and out of your fridge. They should be removed from inside the fridge on top of the fridge so that they are not visible to anyone. Otherwise, you run the risk of having your fragile appliances break as a result of furniture sliders being stuck inside. Moving companies have special straps that will hold furniture sliders securely so make sure to ask them to use these.

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If you have never moved a refrigerator before, I highly recommend using the help of movers for this move. Moving a refrigerator is tough enough without having to worry about the extra stress that comes with trying to get it loaded into a moving truck and then having to drag it across the city. Experienced movers will know exactly how to load and unload your refrigerator so that it is not damaged during the move. Refrigerator moving company will not only transport your refrigerator but they will also pack all of your items for you and then take care of any problems that may arise along the way such as plumbing or wiring problems.