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Planning & preparedness are important in every phase of moving. The right way to move into your new office space or commercial warehouse depends on the size of your move and the type of business you run. How much inventory do you have? How many people are you moving?

One of the biggest keys to a successful business relocation is to have a sound plan. When relocating, it is best to start by estimating the size of the move, including any furniture or supplies that will need to be moved. Prepare a detailed list of everything from desks to computers to other valuable business equipment and document it. Be sure that all the employees are informed about the move. If not, they should know what exactly is expected of them.

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Next, an experienced business relocation project professional can review your checklist to make sure that everything is done according to the original schedule and budget. Any changes need to be made with notice. A good change management plan will also lay out the timeline of the office move and will include steps to mitigate the inconvenience as much as possible.

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After the initial phases of moving, it is important to allow time for employees to adjust to their new surroundings. During this transition, it is important to work with the employees to find alternative places to do some of their daily tasks. Allow some time for each employee to become accustomed to the schedule of the business moves. Communication is also important during this time, especially among temporary workers who will be spending some time away from their homes for the duration of the move.

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Once the relocation process has been started, a good relocation company will perform a site analysis for the proposed new location. They will prepare a written description of the property and prepare a land survey and elevations. Site analysis is very important in a relocation move, because it will identify the risks of damage, flooding, soil erosion, etc. If these risks are present, the relocation company will address them accordingly. The land survey will identify any underground utilities, pipelines or other considerations that need to be addressed. Then, after the site analysis is complete, the land surveying company will prepare a final site evaluation to identify all the issues that were addressed in the initial phases of the move.

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When the relocating and moving company has found all issues to be fixed, then it is time to hire a professional contractor. Hiring professionals is really important in ensuring that you get great results and that you don’t have any issues with the contractors getting into the building or the site. If there are safety concerns that have been raised, they will make sure that these are addressed in advance so that no one gets injured.

Best Commercial Movers in West Athens, California

Finally, once all the moneys have been secured and the contract is signed, it’s time to move into your new quarters. Of course, some employees may have to move somewhere for their job, but usually it’s an all-inclusive move. Once you move in, start cleaning up the offices until all the clutter has been moved out. Start laying the carpeting and getting all the furniture up to par. And then it’s time for the business relocation agencies to do their magic and move everything into the new offices.

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You don’t have to worry about the business moving during the move – the movers will take care of that. What you really need to worry about is settling your employees into their new offices and finding a way to pay for the new hires. It could be as simple as a payroll deposit or as involved as converting their pay cheque into their regular salary. With a little planning and preparation, everyone can move into their new place pretty easily – including the employees.