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Are you thinking about moving your refrigerator? Well, if you are planning to relocate it yourself, you might as well go through the pain of doing it. Yes, it is possible to go through the process alone, but as painful as it may be, it will save you a lot of time and effort. If hiring movers to transport your refrigerator across town isn’t an option for you, then this Refrigerator Moving Checklist is what you need.

The first step on your Refrigerator Moving Checklist is preparation. You need to make a full inventory of all of your appliances and other heavy items. Take note of the floor plan, measurements of each load, as well as, the specific weight of each item. This information is incredibly important, as it will allow you to properly organize and load the appliances and heavy items correctly.

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After you have completed the first phase of moving your refrigerator to your new home, the second phase is loading your refrigerator to your moving truck. If it is a small refrigerator, you can use a level and place cradles underneath to lift up the entire fridge. However, if it is a large appliance, you will need to rent a compressor or have one of your friends or family members to borrow one for the move.

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While you are packing your refrigerator for a move, it is important to ensure that you remove all of the packing paper from the product. This will prevent damage to the unit during transport. In addition to that, your professional movers will have cradles to lift the entire appliance from the ground floor of your home and onto the dollies. The dollies are used for leveling off your refrigerator and securing it to the floor for transportation. They also have straps attached to the dollies to ensure that the unit is securely fastened to the dollies. If you are moving in several different trucks, you will want to contact the movers about how many cradles and dollies they will need to lift the refrigerator.

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When your professional movers arrive at your home, the first thing they will do is assess the size of the refrigerator so that they know how to move it in a safe manner. Once this is determined, your movers will load it on a dolly. Once this is done, they will unload it from the dolly into your vehicle. Then they will place your furniture sliders and door stop into place around the refrigerator, so that it will not swing out of control once it is inside your moving vehicle.

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When the movers arrive at your home, you will want to set aside one day to pack everything in a safe manner. This is an important part of moving because if you do not pack your appliances properly, they could potentially be damaged during the move. There are many companies that specialize in moving appliances and they can help you determine how to pack them properly for the trip so that your expensive kitchen appliance is not ruined as you drive it across town.

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When your refrigerator does get damaged during the move, you will need to have it assessed by a professional. Refrigerator repair services are available and they can come and secure your fridge and then install a new plate on the refrigerator that will prevent it from getting damaged again. You will be able to benefit from free fridge repair bills if you have your fridge replaced, but it is better for your wallet that it is repaired instead. There are certain things that you should do before the start of moving day to make sure that you refrigerator is well prepared and ready to go when you arrive to make sure that it remains protected.

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Upright and under-counter refrigerators can also be damaged during the move. The door may fall open and the upright parts could be damaged if this occurs. If there is a problem with your doors or insulation, it is best to call a professional right away. This is the only way to ensure that your home has a safe and healthy atmosphere regardless of whether you choose an upright model or an under-counter model.