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If you need to move a couch, there are several steps that you have to take in order to be assured of a successful move. Consulting with a licensed moving company will help you get rid of any worries that you may have. Working with experienced couch movers is even better since you get to remove all possible problems that could arise during the move. They already have the proper tools and skills required to move a couch quickly and with great efficiency. While it may sound difficult to complete the entire moving procedure alone, the right sofa moving company can do just that for you.

Moving couches isn’t an easy task to undertake. It involves more than simply pushing a big sofa from one location to another. There are several factors that have to be taken into consideration when relocating couches and one of these is the weight of the couch. When moving couches, you have to remember that they are very heavy. Couples often find themselves breaking their backs trying to lift such large items.

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Moving companies know just how to move couches safely and efficiently. These movers have gained experience in dealing with all types of couches, including the lighter ones. All you need to do is let them know exactly how much material, furniture, and appliances you have, including the mattresses and pillows on your couches. They will be able to give you an estimate of how long the move will take, as well as how much money it will cost you to get everything moved.

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Many people think that hiring professional couch moving companies to do the move is over-priced. In fact, you can move a couch yourself for only a few hundred dollars. It may take longer, but you will not need the services of a professional mover. All you have to do is follow some guidelines, which include preparing the necessary materials, finding a good place for moving, and creating a time schedule. These steps will help you move your couch safely and efficiently, without spending too much money.

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Before you begin moving the couch, make sure you have packed everything correctly. If you have not packed anything at all, then all you need to do is remove all of the small pieces from the furniture. All you have to leave behind are the heavy ones, such as the mattress and pillows. This is because a moving company cannot lift the furniture dolly with only one arm. You will need two hands for lifting the entire furniture by using the floor mat or furniture dolly.

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Once you have taken all of those things into consideration, you can start to consider the next step of how to move a couch. If you have decided to hire professional couch movers, then you will need to find out how long the moving process will take. There are instances when people prefer to do the entire move by themselves. However, if you know that it will take quite a few hours, then you should give yourself enough time to prepare for the move.

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On the day of the move, you will have to be very careful, as you must ensure that your sofa does not get damaged. You should only move the couch up and down stairs, and should also avoid putting it on top of any soft carpeting or rug. If you have already put a rug on top of the sofa, then you should take it off before beginning the move. This is to protect the rug from scratches that could damage it during the move.

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After you have followed all of the above advice, then you should be ready to begin the actual couch moving. Hire professional movers who have experience moving couches because this will help reduce the risk of damaging your furniture. If you decide to do the move by yourself, then you should consult a moving service at least a few days before the move. It will give you enough time to prepare and protect your belongings from damage.