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A commercial moving company’s move to a new office is not only an easy move. It takes proper planning which if properly orchestrated by an assigned corporate professional or better still, by a commercial moving consultant who would have to take in several hundreds of moving boxes! The move to a new office can be emotionally unsettling for employees and supervisors. Employees’ first reaction may be to complain and ask why it has to be so difficult, while a frustrated boss may vent about the time-consuming nature of the move and demand to know the quickest and most efficient ways to get their old office back to its former state of organization and order.

When you work at a new location, there are plenty of things to do and see. You will be faced with more demands, more work and more packing. One task that must be completed immediately is the inventory of all your company’s equipment. This will include all your furniture, computers, printing equipment, copying devices, file cabinets, all of your office supplies and stationery including letterheads, envelopes, business cards and even parking permits. Do not forget to inventory your moving company’s vehicles as well. An organized move makes the job of movers easier and less stressful for everyone.

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There are two main types of inventory management systems: the property inventory management system (PIMS) and the asset inventory management system (ASIMS). Property inventory management system involves tracking the movement, status, and ownership of everything in your business relocation. As for asset inventory management system, this entails tracking the location, condition and ownership of all your company’s assets during the move. Both of these systems have limitations and they must be balanced during a business relocation. Most companies that are looking for a commercial moving company do not take into account the limitations of PIMS or the limits of ASIMS when hiring one.

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In a PIMS system, the most important information is recorded in the “To” field. From this, all the other details regarding the move is summarized. PIMS does not record the specific dates and locations of all office moves. The time and date of arrival of all items are also not recorded in this system. With a PIMS system, you cannot include precise descriptions such as “destination office,” “preliminary move,” “office moved,” etc.

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Most commercial moving companies offer relocation tracking service. This tracking service enables you to know exactly where your office moving boxes are at each stage of the move. How much are the contents of your office move boxes? Is the weight decreased or increased since you first obtained them? How much cash are you going to spend on the commercial moving truck rental?

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A few firms have made it easy for clients to request an office moving quote online. By using certain web sites that provide free moving quotes, clients are able to compare the prices and services offered by different corporate relocation service providers. They can see which one is the cheapest and offers the best services. This is a great way to save time, effort, and money. All you need to do is submit a request and within 24 hours, a free moving quote will be provided.

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It is advisable to choose a commercial moving company that has several offices in different parts of the country. This way, clients can choose a local commercial moving company based on the location of their current offices. The size of the office move can also be a factor in choosing the right corporate relocation service. Large companies may benefit from professional movers while a small firm may get better results using a small local office moving company. For instance, a large commercial moving company may manage several stores located in a single city. If you are looking to relocate your office to a different city, you can contact your commercial moving company and they can help you find a local expert to help you move your office.

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When it comes to packing up your office, clients should choose a moving company that offers proper packing services. There are certain techniques used by movers to pack a big or heavy office successfully. They use special tools and equipment to help pack your office in such a manner so that the clients’ belongings are kept safe and sound during the transit. Professionals recommend that clients should invest in quality packing supplies such as unpacking supplies and shipping supplies. These supplies can be purchased online or at moving supply stores. A good office moving company will be able to advice you on what are the best options when packing your office before the move.