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Refrigerator moving from one location to another can be a chVeniceging task. Moving your refrigerator requires special attention and preparation in order for it to look presentable when it’s finally on the other end of the door. Knowing the right steps to take, from packing to unpacking and moving it all into storage or the new location, will help ensure that your refrigerator is properly handled and safe while on the move. In this Refrigerator Moving Checklist article, you’ll learn some helpful tips for making moving a refrigerator an easier and more manageable task.

Moving an appliance dolly starts with securing all wheels to a flat surface. A low quality refrigerator moving system may result in damage to fragile interior components if the wheels aren’t securely fastened. Make sure that any wheels are securely fastened using heavy-duty steel ratchet straps and then secure them all to the floor. This includes all wheels, including the caster wheels, bottom, and one side of both casters.

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Next, the moving compressor that is permanently attached to the unit must be emptied and cleaned. Any fluids drained during the move should be replaced and the compressor hood must be cleaned and any areas not completely covered by the moving walls or insulation should be dusted. After the compressor has been emptied, it should be pumped full with coolant to ensure that moving a refrigerator moving nothing but air and heat. If the compressor is unattended for a few days or longer, it should be cleaned and filled again with coolant before it’s reinstalled. This process prevents compressor leaks and a general deterioration of the appliance.

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The next step in refrigerator moving is arranging all items on the floor, securing them with plastic sheeting or tarps. Moving heavy items without using heavy-duty dollies could result in damage to fragile surfaces or even result in damage to your appliances. For example, if you have a cherry picker, it could damage your expensive oven. Similarly, movers unprepared to lift large objects can cause serious damage. For this reason it’s essential to call in experienced professional movers to move appliances and other large items.

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Then, you need to arrange the appliances in their original positions. To do this you’ll need an appliance dolly and a dolly ramp. The dolly will be used to lift the refrigerator from the ground. The dolly ramp is used to transport the entire unit and prevent it from moving sideways. When you’re learning how to move a refrigerator by yourself, you’ll need help from friends or family members, since you may lack the expertise necessary to lift and transport an appliance on your own.

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Before you begin learning how to move a refrigerator by yourself, ask friends or family members for suggestions. They may have successfully moved a similar appliance years ago, allowing you to learn from their experience. This will ensure minimal property damage, as well as ensuring that your entire move goes smoothly and without any complications. If someone has already moved an appliance previously, they will likely be able to give you important tips on the safest way to move a refrigerator, or how to avoid property damage during the move.

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Once you have your movers and your dolly, the next step in your refrigerator moving task without professional assistance is deciding how to unload the items safely. It’s common for movers to charge extra for this step, so it’s a good idea to plan in advance how many boxes you’ll need to move. Ask your mover to be flexible regarding how many boxes they can bring to save you time moving the appliances. As long as you have transportation available to take the appliances to your new home, you’ll be able to move the appliance quickly and easily.

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The final step in your move is simply setting everything up at your new residence. Whether you are packing the box for you or the other way (using boxes and furniture), be sure to follow all local rules and regulations when moving and stacking household furniture. Always make sure there are no broken pieces, as well as any loose pieces so they do not become damaged during transportation. Once everything is packed in the proper manner, the movers will be able to pack your appliances and transport them to your new home.