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Moving a refrigerator or freezer is not like moving any other appliances. It can be very difficult for someone who has never moved an appliance before. Refrigerator moving needs to be done by a professional company that has been trained in moving refrigerators, as they are a very heavy appliance. They also must have special equipment on site that will handle the delicate move of the refrigerator.

The first thing that needs to be done is to empty all the contents of the refrigerator. Any food items should be put into ice and then into a cooler. Refrigerator moving companies will be able to supply them to you. It will be necessary to call your insurance company to ensure that all of the contents are insured and safe during the move. Insurance companies do not just pass on the cost of damages, they also require a written estimate of the damages.

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Refrigerator moving companies will need three types of equipment during the move, two of which are powered and one that is hand held. The powered dolly is usually used for the larger moves. The hand held dolly is used for smaller moves that are easy to carry. The professionals will have one on hand that is powered, but all three types of moving appliances should be available to the movers.

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The first priority on the moving checklist should be the removal of all freezer racks and doors. This appliance holds many things that are required during a move, including food, frozen goods, milk, soda cans and more. Having to throw out a freezer rack or door halfway through the move can be very costly, as they will have to be removed entirely from the new home. A professional refrigerator moving company will have a team of expert helpers ready to handle the job of moving the entire fridge. The assistants will have the skills needed to remove the freezer, as well as organize everything within it.

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Moving an appliance such as this requires a level of expertise on the part of the moving company or individuals. There are some things that the average person does not have the proper expertise to do, which makes it crucial that the professionals handling the move of the refrigerator to take care of these tasks. Some typical items that must be packed with the refrigerator moving team include the wiring, condenser and coils, switches and plugs, racks, doors and other interior parts of the unit.

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In order to ensure that all of the appliances are transported properly, professional movers will need to provide ramps or dollies for people to use. They will also have large boxes strategically placed throughout the move in order to secure other fragile items. These boxes will need to be big enough for the entire contents of the refrigerator moving unit, so using a flat container is not recommended. A dolly or ramp is also essential if there are doors on the cabinets or on the walls. The space in between doorways and walls can be easily compressed with a dolly and a ramp.

Best Refrigerator Moving in Topanga, California

One of the most difficult tasks involved when moving a refrigerator involves getting all of the parts into one piece. In order to make sure all of the interior parts are securely in place, movers will usually strap all pieces onto plywood panels. Refrigerator furniture sliders are used to help lift individual appliances and cabinets from the floor, while special duct tape is used to hold down the legs of the furniture sliders.

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Once all of the appliances are in place, movers will need to lift the entire fridge up using its own crane system. This way the fridge will be protected from falling down the stairs or from damage due to weight. Once the entire fridge is in place, the refrigerator will need to be stabilized on a lift. Sometimes a special device is needed in order to lift the fridge onto the lift, and then special cleats are used to keep the appliance from sliding off the lift. Moving a fridge is not as hard as it sounds, once you have mastered moving one you will probably be able to tackle moving multiple fridges. These simple and easy safety tips will help anyone with an interest in how to move a refrigerator to get through the job with ease.