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Couch moving can be especially problematic, as you see below:

When you watch the video, it looks like they’re trying to slide the couch off a balcony railing. They may have also helped their cause a bit by buying extra straps and moving blocks (see Where To Get Supplies for Your Move), but they really didn’t help much by securing the couch to the railing. This is because most of these sofas are not actually “floating” in the first place! This is very common with low-back living room couches, which tend to move around quite a bit.

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Fortunately, the most common mistakes in couch moving services are all about weight. If you plan to move a sofa by yourself, you should seriously consider investing in some strong furniture. Even if you have an older couch that weighs considerably, you don’t need to use all your strength to move it. If you simply use too much force, you’ll rip the sofa’s back, which makes moving the sofa even harder.

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Another common mistake is doing a low-quality job of packing the furniture piece. Most movers try to save money by doing sloppy jobs, which often result in damaged furniture pieces. Check with your moving company beforehand to see how they pack items for the move. This will help you learn what to expect and will help you avoid doing a lousy job of moving your sofa or other heavy furniture piece.

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Another thing that people commonly do when they move couches is to allow another person to move the furniture without supervision. This can actually be dangerous. When people let other people move their couches by themselves, there’s a greater chance that the couches will break. Leaving the cushions alone is another bad idea, because if they fall, they could potentially get crushed.

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Don’t ever break the springs in your sofa. These springs are designed to Toluca Lake and will eventually snap. Don’t even scrape at the springs when you move the couch, because you could permanently damage them. The only time it’s okay to scrape is when you’re moving the couches on your own, but this is a big no-no if you hire professional movers. When the springs snap, you can be sure that someone will be hurt. Even if you don’t injure anyone, the added stress on the springs could cause them to break.

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Many people don’t know how to move a couch on their own, and that’s CA. The most important thing you have to remember when you’re moving furniture is to follow all the instructions carefully. If you have any questions, it’s a good idea to contact the furniture movers that you hired or at least call the company that sent you the pictures of the house so that you have a better idea of how to move a couch.

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Now that you understand how to move a couch, all you need to do is call the company and make an appointment for the move. You can either come in on your own or let them transport it for you. Either way, you should be happy with the results!