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Moving a refrigerator involves more than just pushing down the doors and crawling through the track. Refrigerator moving is often tricky and stressful for even experienced movers, so it is best left to the experts. Moving an appliance can be as easy as pushing a few buttons, but in order to get it right, there are a number of steps to take into account. Here are some of the basics when moving a refrigerator.

If the refrigerator is not coming with a truck, or if the appliance is too large for a truck, professional movers can take over the moving process. They will have the experience and know-how that make the job go quickly and smoothly. The first thing that any moving company will do is assess the condition of your appliances to make sure they are not damaged or need repair work done. This can be done during the initial consultation or later after the moving date.

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The most common appliance that is moved during a move is a refrigerator or freezer. Refrigerator moving companies use special dollies called refrigerator movers to pack up the room where the appliance is located. There are many moving companies that have built in moving pallet racks and moving furniture sliders for this purpose. These work just like your garage space at home, so the movers will fit it all in with no problems. Just be sure to pack the room correctly to ensure that all of the appliances are securely placed, so nothing falls out while you are driving around.

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Moving a walk in freezer, takes a little more work, but is well worth the extra effort to get things moving properly. Movers will wrap the entire inside of the freezer, including the doors and any wiring, with heavy duty plastic wrap. This wrapping will protect the walls from moisture, bug infestation, or any other potential damage. A door is then wrapped around the entire freezer and a long cable runs throughout the wrap to secure the door. Then, the movers simply lift the entire freezer off the floor and hook it to a large cart that is attached to the movers. This requires a little extra work, but will prevent damage to the flooring while the appliance is being moved.

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Refrigerator moving companies often offer more elaborate packaging to ensure that the move goes as smoothly as possible. Some companies even provide refrigeration moving boxes, which have been designed specifically to defrost appliances. Refrigerator moving boxes are available in various sizes so that they can fit most standard-sized freezers. These boxes can be stacked on top of each other to form a closed freezer or to allow room for doors to fully close while the appliance is moving. The interior of the box has been professionally designed to allow any cooling ducts to get access to the inside, while keeping puddles of water out. A door is included so that the contents can be quickly defrosted.

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Many people don’t realize that a refrigerator’s compressor can be damaged during a move. As the compressor’s fan, compressor filter, and pump gets harder for the refrigerator to use, the refrigerator’s capacity and efficiency start to diminish. Moving refrigerators with their own compressor and doors are the easiest way to avoid this kind of damage because the compressor and doors are firmly sealed when the unit is picked up. Otherwise, damage can occur to the electrical components of a refrigerator or the cooling ducts.

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Many people find that using a refrigerator dolly makes the move easier. The dolly makes the move much easier because the refrigerator is safely wedged under the moving appliance. It keeps the entire unit vertical and prevents damage to the walls or floors. Even if there isn’t enough room underneath the refrigerator to use a dolly, many companies offer a non-skid floor mat to make moving the unit easier.

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Moving trucks can be used to help make moving easier, but only if the owner will invest in quality moving equipment. Moving straps are essential to moving any large appliance because it offers extra support for heavy items. When the straps are not properly used, the appliances can tip over, which results in catastrophic damage to both the interior and exterior of the moving truck. Moving straps are made out of high quality material to ensure the utmost safety, so choose moving straps from one of the quality moving companies in the business to avoid the risk of costly damages.