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Is it safe to move a couch by yourself? If you have experience doing it, no doubt you can do it safely. But, some people might tell you that to move a couch on your own is safe, but most skilled carpenters will advise you to use couch moving companies. So why should you use couch moving companies?

Using furniture dolly for moving a couch is a very common method for moving any kind of furniture. The only thing that might limit you when it comes to moving a couch is the height of your furniture. In this case, you might need to hire a professional mover. However, if you are aware of the moves that must be made and you have someone with you that has experience doing it, you should be able to move a couch on your own.

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What if you want to move your couch into the next room after you’ve sold your old house? It doesn’t matter if you have to move it all the way across the country or half way across the country-you can still move a couch. What if you are renting your house? If you are, then you might not even need to worry about hiring professional movers. Many apartment and condo owners will allow you to move a couch as long as you take it with you in your new home.

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How to move a couch through a city is another consideration. You should consider this before you decide to move it on your own. You might be thinking: “What is the cost?” The price might seem high but movers charge based on the weight and type of the couch. They also charge based on the distance that needs to be covered. Keep this in mind and you should be in business for yourself in no time.

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Once you have considered these factors and know how to move a couch, you should get pricing information from at least three reputable movers. Look into at least three moving companies and see what they charge. Don’t hire the first company that you find. It might end up costing you more than you want to spend.

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Check into the reputation of the movers that you are considering. Ask them for references and take the time to call them to make sure that they will be able to do the job that you want them to. You may be considering a complete furniture moving service, and a couch moving service is not always necessary. A good solid local company who does everything on their own will probably be cheaper anyway.

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Most people are Pomonad when they realize just how much weight a couch can safely hold. With some couches the weight varies depending on the upholstery, but a good rule of thumb is around twice the weight of the sofa’s box spring. Any more and you’ll risk your health, so take into consideration how your sofa will be moved before hiring a company to do it for you. A professional couch moving service can help with the heavier items such as tables and televisions.

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Most families would rather handle a move themselves rather than pay someone else to do it. If you are going to try and do the move on your own, have plenty of tools. Get a large flat board and chalk up any details you find on the internet so you don’t forget anything important. Have a tape measure, level, safety pins and an emergency blanket. The best couch moving companies have these tools ready to go so you won’t have to.