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So, you’re moving into a new home and you want to know how to move a couch. Many people have this concern when they are ready to move their belongings from their current residence to the next. Most people don’t realize how much weight a sofa can actually lift until they try to move it on their own. Before attempting to move a couch on your own it’s important to make sure that you are using licensed professionals to do the job for you. It’s also important to check with your local building codes in order to ensure that your move will be done properly. In some cases, moving a couch may require permission from the owner of the dwelling in which the couch is located in order to comply with building codes.

One of the most popular methods of couch moving is known as couch jack. Basically, the professional behind this move will remove the cushions from your sofa, but leave the intact cushions attached to the back of the sofa. They will then un-cushion the back of the sofa and slide it toward the door leaving the cushions behind.

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Other professionals will use heavy duty industrial trucks to move your couch. This is one of the most commonly used methods of how to move a couch because of the sheer weight of the heavy couches. Heavy duty movers are able to move even the largest couches without using a ramp.

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The next consideration after finding a professional that is licensed to move your couch is the actual size of the sofa. There are several different types of couches and the weight must be taken into consideration. For lighter couches a professional moving company will only need to rent a unit that can accommodate the couch. The cost of the mover’s services will depend on the size and weight of the couch. A larger sofa may require more than one unit to properly move.

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The next step is determining how you will move the couch through the doorway. Many movers offer services that include setting up barriers between the couch and door. Some movers will set up a wall as well as hooks to hold the couch at varying heights. This allows the couch to be easily walked through the doorway with minimal assistance. Others will simply move the couch by lifting it onto its end or by placing large stacks of towels against both the door and the couch. Professional movers will offer specific services to accommodate various situations.

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Once the movers have assessed how much work it will require moving the sofa, they can start planning the best way to accomplish this task. If the moving will be a long haul, it is important to keep track of the furniture piece’s dimensions so that the moving company does not charge extra to move the piece too long distances. In addition, the movers must be aware of any laws that could cause additional charges to occur.

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The last thing to know about how to move a couch by using a dolly is to make sure that the dolly is large enough to fit through all the doors in the house. If there are multiple doors, such as those in the kitchen or bedrooms, then the dolly must be adaptable. The dolly should be sizeable enough to handle the weight of the furniture in order to avoid damage to the furniture pieces. This allows the dolly to move through the doorway without causing any strain to the moving apparatus.

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Knowing how to move a couch by using a dolly is important for anyone who is planning to move their furniture in a new home. The dolly is the best way to move a couch because it allows for maximum comfort while avoiding additional costs or injuries. Many people find it easiest to hire professional movers when they have this type of knowledge on hand. Not everyone has a good knowledge about how to use a dolly, so it is always best to seek professional assistance before making any moves with this piece of furniture.