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Moving a couch is not something any individual would wish to do, but that is exactly what is happening for millions of people throughout the United States on a daily basis. From Pico Rivera to Pico Rivera to Pico Rivera, couch moving is big business. This is not limited to just couches though, many large moving companies are now offering services for all kinds of household goods. In fact, there are so many moving companies today, it is easier than ever to find the right moving company for you and your belongings.

As seen in the above graphic, presume that the people in the above video weren’t skilled professionals. Even if they were not, that poor unsuspecting couch did not need to die like an ignominous death. The simple fact is that these people could have been doing their jobs much better, and this terrible move could have been avoided. This is especially true if you have some basic knowledge of moving furniture piece by piece.

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In the case of a couch, there are some basic rules to follow when dealing with movers and furniture pieces. First and foremost, know that a sofa, unlike other types of furniture, cannot simply be rolled on its end. Couches are actually heavy, fragile objects. So, unless the movers are skilled, the couch must be placed on its side.

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Once the couch is on its side, you will need to take off the cushions. While the sofa may look flimsy, this is one thing a skilled couch moving company will know. Simply remove them from beneath the cushions, and then unroll them in the direction of the door. You may need to place the tape on the back of the couch to ensure that it does not move around when it is being moved, but this can easily be done when the couch is empty.

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Next, you will need to set the furniture dolly in position. The dolly should be at least three feet away from the couch, in order to prevent injury to you, the moving technician, and anyone else inside the room. Before placing any items inside the room, make sure you turn on the electricity. Most people are shocked when they realize just how much movement there is in moving a couch – it’s actually quite a workout just from having to see what can happen.

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Once all items are in place, the movers will need to get the couch into the new location. Some methods use ramps, while others will use a stair lift. Again, whichever method is used will depend on the condition of the furniture. One point of concern would be to ensure that you do not hurt yourself or someone else during the move. One way to minimize injuries when you are moving couches by using a dolly is to get a friend to help you lift one end of the sofa to the open position, while the other person helps with the other end.

Best Couch Moving in Pico Rivera, California

Once the couch is in the right position, the movers will need to mark where the door used to be, so that they know how to open the door again. A common mistake that many people make when moving a couch is thinking that the door is behind them when it’s actually to their left. The door must always be opened from the outside and must be turned right side out before it can be opened. This rule will make the entire move go much more smoothly.

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When you decide to move your couch, you are making an important move in your life. There is no reason to be afraid. All of the moving companies are qualified to do the job, and most of them have moving instructions printed on the flyers they send you. If your house has not been previously broken into, or if you do not have to worry about your couch being stolen, then moving it yourself makes sense. However, if you are moving to another home, or if there is damage to the other home that must be taken care of, then hiring couch moving companies makes more sense.