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Palmdale Refrigerator Moving

Refrigerator Moving is no joke. Moving the refrigerator from one location to another can be very time consuming. Even if the refrigerator is not too heavy, moving it by yourself is not advisable. That is where a Best West Moving company comes in. The company will have its own trucks with strong suspension to lift the heavy items safely and securely. The dolly will be equipped with rollers and tie-downs to secure the items as well.

Moving the refrigerator by yourself requires you to use heavy items such as floor boards, furniture sliders, and dollies. This might leave you with limited mobility and prevent you from moving around easily in the narrow corridors of the house. Thus, if you wish to move your refrigerator by yourself, it is important to consider some safety measures. Here are some hints on how to move a refrigerator:

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Hire Professional Movers: Hiring professional movers is the best way to move a refrigerator. The movers will be the ones to carry out the entire process from beginning to end. So, it makes sense that you hire them for the job. However, you need to understand that there is no free lunch when it comes to refrigerator moving.

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Provide Protective Blankets And Boxes: To ensure your belongings’ safety while in transit, it is important to provide them with protective blankets and boxes. Refrigerator moving needs a lot of physical labor and exertion. In fact, the movers may need to assist you in loading and unloading the refrigerator. If they fail to do this, the appliances may be damaged or even suffer damage. Therefore, if you do not want to end up hiring new movers for the job, it is important to prepare a box pack containing all of your important items.

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Put Your Refrigerator In A Corner: Moving a refrigerator requires the removal of its doors and the installation of a cooling device. However, if you are moving a large fridge, such as a 7-footer, you might face difficulties in fitting it into the existing corner of the house. Therefore, the best thing to do would be to place the new place beside a wall. The only way the cooler will be properly positioned is if you put it on its side.

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Use A Dolly: A dolly, which is basically a four-wheel cart, can be used to move most fridges. It has a handle on one side and a wheel at the back. You will need to load the refrigerator inside the dolly and place it on its side facing down. The support on the rear should be taken care of by placing tacks on the rear.

Best Refrigerator Moving in Palmdale, California

Using A Forklift: This is the second step in the process. In this step, you will need to locate a forklift and ask someone to drive it towards the appliance. Once the forklift is near the refrigerator, you can begin moving the appliance. The reason why you need to use a forklift in this step is that the appliance is quite heavy; therefore, you cannot simply shove the refrigerator by hand.

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Lower It First: If you are going to move a large refrigerator, such as a seven-footer, you should first lower it on a dolly. Then, place the wheels under the edge of the compartment to enable it to slide smoothly. Once you have aligned the wheels properly, you should then lift it up. For smaller fridges, you will do better to use your shoulders instead of lifting it with your arms.