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When it comes to couch moving, do you feel like you should hire a professional couch mover? Deciding on whether to move a couch or sofa is tough, but it’s easy if you know what to expect beforehand. Think about the moving and packing tips provided through a moving company’s website, then look for reviews of moving services. Here are some simple guidelines to follow when thinking about whether to hire a moving company or a couch moving company.

How to move a couch: judging from the complete lack of moving techniques and equipment, assume the people in the above video weren’t skilled movers. Even though they were not pros, that tiny innocent couch did not need to die at such an ignoble death. Think of how you can get it out of its current location without jeopardizing your personal safety. The people in this video clearly had experience with how to move a couch through confined spaces, and also had experience with the “enchanted spring” method. They had clearly been through this before. Just because you don’t go through this process doesn’t mean you should underestimate the danger you’re inviting into your home by having your couch move on its own.

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Why hire movers to move your couch instead of doing it yourself: most couches can fit inside a standard size door (typically no more than 3 inches wide). If you choose to move it on your own, you will need to cut holes in your walls or windows, and possibly set up ramps or stairs to get it through. Moving a couch by hand is time consuming and tiring, not to mention dangerous. A professional moving company will utilize the correct equipment and safety measures to move your couch safely and securely.

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Who should I hire for my couch to be moved? A reputable moving company will only use professionals. Check references to make sure they’re honest and experienced, and request to see photos of past jobs they’ve completed. Any company worth hiring should have no problems providing you with photos.

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How do I pay for my couch moving equipment rental? This is actually a pretty simple process. The best way is to use a reputable company that has been in business for many years, and has a history of only sending their customers’s items in good condition. This ensures your items will arrive safe and sound. Many professional movers also offer packing services, including crate packing and full packing services. This means your furniture will arrive in as new and as unpacked condition as possible.

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Is my couch suitable for being moved alone, or do I need to hire a professional moving crew? Most modern sofas and loveseats are very comfortable to be moved by yourself. However, you may need to hire a professional mover if you have a large sofa or love seat, since large pieces can weigh quite a bit. You may also need to move a couch with a large piece of furniture attached, like a dining table, since furniture dolly moves these large pieces efficiently.

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Are there insurance requirements for my moving? Depending on the type of furniture piece, you may need to have certain items covered. Larger furniture pieces may need special coverage, or you may be covered by your homeowner’s policy.

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Are there friendly faces at the door when I get ready to move my couch? Good, friendly movers will come to your home with a smile. These guys don’t make enough money to go on vacation, so they’re definitely not all talkers. Ask about references and a background check before signing any contracts. The staff of couch moving companies should be trustworthy and reliable, but that doesn’t mean they all have a heart of gold either. Make sure they’ve got a solid reputation for fair and timely service.