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Refrigerator Moving There are several steps involved in moving an appliance from one location to another. The first step is cleaning the refrigerator. You must remove all of the items inside before you begin moving it. Make sure you take your time and make sure everything is organized. If not, you will find that your refrigerator is the last thing on your mind when you begin packing for your move.

A Refrigerator Moving Checklist For those of you who may be unpacking while your refrigerator is being moved, here is a how to move a refrigerator checklist. First, as you unload it, make sure to empty all of the contents out. Wash any fabric softener and bleach out the door. Remove air conditioner seals and the electrical components. Next, pull off the door and move the refrigerator to the rear of the truck or storage area. Check the water lines and heater to ensure they are working properly.

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Get Professional Movers When considering how to move a refrigerator, there are several different professionals that can help. If you are considering tackling the job on your own, you should research the pros and cons. Some people feel more confident removing a fridge by themselves. However, hiring professionals offers peace of mind that the job will be done properly. Not only will professionals have the proper equipment to remove your fridge safely, but they will also know how to place it in a safe location prior to loading it onto a truck for transport.

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Property Damage Insurance For most homeowners, the price of moving a refrigerator comes with a price that includes property damage coverage. Insurance pays for damage that occurs due to moving a large, bulky appliance. It may also cover other things such as theft, fire and water damage.

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Prepare For packing A few days before moving day, it is important to put items that need to go into the refrigerator to the top of the pantry, so they are ready when you start unpacking. Do not pack items too deep; consider placing them at eye level or higher, so they are easier to grab when you need them. In addition, be sure to pack in a little bit of baking soda, which can act as an extra countertop or refrigerator surface. Baking soda absorbs moisture from liquids and can help to keep a refrigerator door open, even if the rest of the appliances are closed.

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The next step is to remove any ice that has formed on the exterior of the door. This ice acts as a barrier between the inside of the refrigerator and the exterior, so removing it allows the door to open easier. Remove the ice from the bottom and set it aside, allowing it to melt slightly. Once the ice is melted, use a non-abrasive cloth to gently wipe it from the top of the refrigerator to the bottom, making sure to remove as much of the ice as possible. Once the ice is removed, re-install it, being careful to lay it flat against the refrigerator so that it does not melt again.

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For the final step of this Refrigerator Moving Checklist, the floor protection technique. If you are moving a large, heavy refrigerator, you should consider using floor protection techniques to help protect it during the move. One such technique is to wrap the refrigerator door with clear plastic wrap and secure it at the bottom, securing the edges with double-sided tape. Another option is to place non-skid floor mats at the base of the refrigerator and turn on the motor. These mats should be used in conjunction with your packing supplies to avoid damage to the appliance.

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After moving your refrigerator, be sure to protect it so it does not become damaged while in the moving process. A good way to do so is to make sure that the fridge door has a quality padlock. Also, be sure to defrost it before the start of each new place that you will be placing items in. By defrosting your fridge, you will ensure that it is running properly and that you have a clean line of sight to all of your valuable items.