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Moving a refrigerator is an event that neither the homeowner nor the relocating professional, likes to deal with. In fact, moving a refrigerator seems more like an event that was pushed on to us. This is due to the size, shape and function of a refrigerator. If not properly moved, this appliance could cause significant problems that can include an entire evening or day in the kitchen fixing the damage that this appliance can cause.

As stated before Refrigerator Moving is not a fun event but it can be one of the most difficult if the proper preparations are not made in advance. In order to avoid disaster during your move, there are several things that you can do to make the process of moving this household appliance an easier one. The first and most important thing you can do is to purchase all the necessary packing supplies that include cartons, protective blankets, tape dispensers and boxes. This will help you tremendously in making your move smooth and efficient.

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The next thing that we recommend for all homeowners that may need to move a refrigerator is to get a hold of a professional refrigerators’ company. Professional movers have the experience and expertise needed to properly pack all of your appliances. We have had a lot of good experience with these companies when it comes to moving appliances. In most cases these companies offer free moving quotes and a detailed breakdown of all the steps they will take to properly transport your refrigerator from place to place.

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Refrigerator moving companies should also make sure that they completely disassemble your refrigerator prior to loading it into the vehicle that will be transporting it. Doing this will make sure that no shavings or broken parts from the movers will end up in your new residence. Refrigerator disassembling is a very important step that most movers will take very seriously. If the movers do not disassemble your refrigerator they will run the risk of breaking important parts, causing damage to your appliances, or both.

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Refrigerator disassembling will also mean that professional movers will wrap your appliance in a plastic protective bag to further protect it during transportation. Leaving your fridges open during transportation can result in damage being done to the refrigerator, which could be very costly to repair. Another thing to keep in mind is that you will need extra hands to assist in getting your refrigerator moving. Most professional movers will double the amount of people that are helping you with your refrigerator move.

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Some of the most common appliances that may need to be moved include a washer and dryer, a dishwasher, an oven or range, and a refrigerator. One of the most important safety tips when it comes to moving appliances is to be sure that they are turned off before they ever leave the parking lot of the home. Do not assume that turning your fridges off will prevent them from breaking down. It is quite possible for them to continue to work if they have been left on while no one is around. Always make sure that the compressor, the motor, and the coils of your refrigerator’s are not damaged in any way.

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If it is at all possible, you should attempt to turn off your fridge just before moving it. This will help prevent any problems that may occur as a result of someone being able to open the door while you are moving it. A fridge that has not been defrosted should not be put into the new place until it has been defrosted. Doing this will ensure that the new place will be safe and free of any danger of melting ice, which could cause a major problem.

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Something else that should be done prior to moving a refrigerator is to make sure that the defrost setting is on. The door will need to be left open so that it can thaw out the inside of the refrigerator. In some cases, putting baking soda down and leaving it in the refrigerator can help to ensure that the door open properly. Keeping baking soda down near the bottom of the refrigerator can also help to prevent it from melting as it could make things much colder than they already are.