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Moving a couch is one of the hardest tasks you can undertake. It involves much more than simply pulling the sofa out of the box, putting it on the ground and then cradling it back. There are several aspects that need to be considered before proceeding with any type of move such as the weight of the furniture piece, the distance moved, the type of sofa being moved and if there are any special rules or regulations where you are moving the sofa to. If you think you can move a couch yourself it would be wise to call in a professional moving crew for safety reasons. Here are some tips on how to move a couch with no problems.

If a sofa has wheels on it and is fairly heavy ask your mover’s if they will slide it under the bed or beside the door for easy move. This can save a lot of aggravation and ensure that the entire move goes as smoothly as possible. Also, most people who do couch moving understand that having the moving truck right behind them will help insure the move goes as smoothly as possible. If you are moving small items such as a table or chair, be sure to leave enough space so that all moving objects do not collide with each other.

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Another common issue faced by many movers who do couch moving is figuring out how to lift a couch that is on its side. Most people have a fear of heights and having to move a large sofa across the floor or off of a low step. It’s important to remember that couches do not have to be put on the floor as they are often placed on edge or against a wall. Lifting a sofa that is on its side is not as complicated as it may seem but it is still a matter of practice for most movers. One way to help lessen the burden is to have a second person to move the couch ahead of you.

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Many movers are able to provide additional services that can help relieve some of the pressure of couch moving. Movers may be able to offer advice about what is the best way to move a couch through different types of floors and which is best to avoid. It’s important to keep in mind that if you are planning on moving a large sofa there are several options that must be considered.

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One option that most movers recommend is using an alternative method for moving couches rather than using the traditional box. Many people choose to use pallet trucks when moving large furniture as they are much more durable and versatile. This is particularly true if the couch will need to stay together after the move. A common alternative is a sectional couch that has been split into multiple sections. These types of couches have wheels on each corner, which makes it much easier to move.

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It’s important that you trust the people you are hiring to help you move a couch. If they are not experienced professionals then you should find someone else to work the move. If you plan on using a professional moving company, find out how long they have been moving furniture. Experienced movers can move anything from an entire room to a small couch. They also understand how long a couch needs to be left outside to ensure it is safe to enter.

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You should also know how to move a couch with safety in mind, and one way to ensure it is safe is to get the assistance of a furniture dolly. A furniture dolly is another way of moving couches, since it provides a stable surface on top of which you can dolly across. The dolly is also useful in making sure that no one walks away while you are moving the furniture piece, since the dolly provides a firm, non-slip surface to sit on.

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All of these things are important to know if you plan on moving a heavy couch in a new location. If you are unsure about how to move a couch, or if you are not certain about the safety precautions, then you may want to hire professionals. Many movers offer a free consultation, and they can often provide the best advice for moving a heavy couch, since they are experienced at moving all sorts of furniture. Other options for how to move a couch include renting moving boxes from moving companies in your area, or buying them on the internet.