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Moving a couch can be tricky. You don’t want to ruin a perfectly good relationship with your family member or friend just because you failed at your move. So you need to know how to move a couch the right way. It’s important to hire a company that has experience moving a couch. This is because it is one of the most difficult things to do, and a moving company should have been through it plenty of times. Here are some tips on how to move a couch the right way.

Unless you’re a professional mover, judging from the shambles of furniture and equipment, you probably won’t know how to move a couch by yourself. Assume that the people in the video above weren’t professional movers, though. Even if they weren’t that old sofa did not need to die so ignominiously. All you need to do is follow the instructions on how to move couches correctly.

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First off, get the measurements of your couch. Then, contact furniture movers and explain what kind of furniture you have, and the measurements of the couches in your house (including any upholstered pieces). Usually, couches are measured in square footage. If you have more than one piece of furniture, make sure that you include the width, length, and height of each piece.

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In some cases, if you’re moving a sofa large enough to fit through a door, you might even be able to move it inside. However, if it’s just a small couch, you have the option of using a dolly to lift it up instead. Then, you can wheel it through the front door. Usually, these dollies are powered by a foot pedal, but some companies also offer electricity powered ones.

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When you call furniture movers, mention which type of sofa you have and where it lives. Ask them about the best way to go about hauling the couch around. In many cases, a professional will come to your house to assess the situation. If there’s anything they can do to make the move easier on you, it’ll be in their best interest to do so. Otherwise, they will tell you to contact a new moving company.

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If you don’t feel comfortable with disassembling the couch, you can always rent a dolly from a moving company. Then, all you have to do is wheel it around with the dolly. If you’ve got a lot of heavy furniture, this probably isn’t an option. If you’re just moving into a small, light couch, consider renting a moving truck and hauling it yourself.

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Don’t assume that every moving company has experience moving a large sofa. Many have been around for decades, but not all of them handle large furniture pieces. For this reason, you should shop around until you find a company that has experience moving couches. Ask questions, get pricing information, and read customer reviews before you let them move your sofa. This way, if there is an issue, you won’t be stuck with it later.

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If you have never been involved with the process of moving a couch, you may not know how to move a couch for the first time. This article provides you with the information you need to get started. Take a moment to follow the instruction below and you’ll be on your way to a successful move in no time.