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Moving your refrigerator from one room to another can be very difficult and dangerous. The best way to make this safely is to use a professional Refrigerator Moving Company. Moving a refrigerator involves many things such as loading it, securing it in its new location and securing the walls of the space it’s going to occupy. Here are a few pointers on how to move a refrigerator and avoid common pitfalls when hiring movers.

One of the main parts of how to move a refrigerator is to determine where it’s going to go. Start by removing all doors from the appliance. Take note of the direction of each door’s hinges as well as their position, if possible. Locate the electrical plug and turn it right side up. Then you’ll need to find the hinge and unscrew it from the appliance body. This is one of those steps that might be tricky if you have no idea what you’re doing!

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Some Refrigerator Moving Tips If your refrigerator has a frozen door, it’s possible that it can still be moved. A frozen door can be removed by placing baking soda in a pot with a lid and placing it over the door. Wait two hours to defrost the door and then free it from the baking soda. Then use a hacksaw to cut through the door once it’s unfrozen.

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How to move a refrigerator is easier if you’re using a dolly. A dolly is a heavy duty, flat piece of equipment with a long handle that is designed for moving appliances. It’s important to be aware that a dolly is only meant for moving refrigerators and not other larger appliances like washing machines or freezers. So be sure to check with your mover if their dolly will fit the appliance you are planning on moving. Once you’ve found a dolly that will fit the appliance you are moving, follow these handy Refrigerator Moving Tips.

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First, remember that refrigerators don’t take up a lot of room so it’s easier than you may think to move one. One way to do this is to use movers to divide your appliance into smaller pieces. Then you can unload them on top of each other and place them on the dolly. You’ll need about four hours on the dolly to move a large refrigerator. Another great tip for how to move a house move is if you’re moving from another home, you can always use boxes or totes to pack everything up in so that you won’t have to take everything out of its own container.

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Second, when packing for a move, it’s a good idea to double bag your refrigerator. Double bagging will make sure that you don’t put any items in the refrigerator that could be dangerous, which is another reason why movers recommend moving refrigerators using two people. It can be difficult for one person to maneuver the large appliance. Plus, if it breaks, you’ll have to find something to repair it. Using a large plastic garbage bag is a great option to make sure no broken glass remains after the move.

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Third, you want to make sure you have enough floor protection on the refrigerator before you start putting it together. Floor protection is important not only for safety but also for the well being of your fridges. Fridges are made of metal and they can get a lot of damage over time. Glass and sharp objects are especially dangerous. If you have the floor protection, it will protect your fridges from things like knives, scissors, and other tools that can cut through the metal.

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Finally, you should think about using measuring tape when you’re moving a fridge. Measure everything that you need before you start unloading or moving the appliance. Measure the height, width, and length of all of the doors, including any edges along hallways along the edges of the room. It can be easy to lose some of the measurements along the way, but measuring them in advance will help ensure that you have enough room when you’re moving the fridge. This is especially important for tall items.