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Refrigerator moving services are becoming more common as energy conservation is becoming a high priority. With rising energy costs, and the desire for homes to be as energy efficient as possible, moving appliances have become more popular. One of the appliances that are particularly difficult to move is the refrigerator. Refrigerators are typically very large, clunky, and extremely powerful. Because of these factors, moving a refrigerator can require a professional crew of trained professionals.

Before even considering refrigerator moving, it is important to determine whether your appliance will be damaged during the move. Moving an appliance yourself increases the chances of damage. The most obvious damage will be physical, such as water damage or parts needing to be replaced. However, some more subtle issues may also occur. While professional movers have the experience and tools to deal with both physical and psychological damage, many individuals do not have this type of specialized training. In the event that a move does require the removal of your refrigerator entirely, it is important to understand how to properly remove the appliance safely.

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The first step in moving an appliance is identifying where the appliance is located. You should locate all the relevant screws and pieces to the appliance. Many times this is the hardest step of the process. This is because it is often difficult to know exactly where something is located.

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Once the location is known, the next step in moving fridges involves unscrewing the motor off the housing. This process is often easier than one might think. Many individuals will simply use their hands to grasp the motor as they run by it. However, by using a hand crank or furniture dolly, professional movers will be able to make sure all of the necessary connections are tightened. If the screws cannot be unscrewed, then professional movers can make sure everything is properly fastened down.

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The next step in how to move a refrigerator is securing the appliance dolly to the floor. The dolly is secured to the floor with strong clamps. It is important to make sure all of the clamps are firmly in place, especially if the dolly is going to be moved around quite a bit. Another great thing about the dolly being securely placed to the ground is that it can often serve as protection for the moving refrigerator during transportation. Movers will know how to quickly unpack it and put it away once everything is packed and ready to go.

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For those who are moving a refrigerator with a freezer in it, another useful tool to have on hand is a defrost chiller. A defrost chiller is used to keep the frozen items inside the refrigerator in perfect condition. It works by slowing down the rate at which the inside of the refrigerator begins to thaw out. As soon as the inside reaches a comfortable La Habrarature, it will be time to remove the frozen items inside. Using a defrost chiller in this situation could save valuable time as well as valuable money.

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The last, but not least important step of how to move a refrigerator is making sure all of the doors are completely closed when moving the appliance. This is very important to make sure that no particles of ice, or any other sort of threat, are left in the moving appliance. A lot of people do not think about this but leaving anything in the moving boxes or receptacles can cause damage to all of the equipment. These are some things to keep in mind whenever moving appliances, whether they are small or big.

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By following the above advice, you will see that moving appliances is a fairly simple process. The most difficult part is making sure that your movers follow your recommendations, pack everything, and do a good job. This way, you will not have to worry about all of the dangers involved with moving appliances, and you can start enjoying your new home. Just remember to be cautious, and you will be moving your refrigerator quickly and smoothly!