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Moving a refrigerator involves three different steps. The first is cleaning the interior of the unit, which involves removing the insulation, cleaning and sanitizing the storage areas and putting them out for move. Moving the doors open also requires some preparation work. After completing all of these tasks, you can be sure that your refrigerator will be safe and ready for use during the move. If you have children, make sure they understand how to safely take items from the unit.

There are many instances when people try to move an extremely heavy refrigerator by themselves. Unfortunately this often results in damaged appliances, wasted time and even more money. That’s because attempting to move this type of appliance on your own can be very dangerous. Refrigerator moving tasks require the assistance of professionals who are experienced in this field. This ensures that you will be using quality products and that the job will be completed smoothly and securely.

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Licensed moving professionals will ensure that you have the right equipment for the move. Some of the items you need to move include refrigerator, ice machine, food processor, food, and beverages. All of these items need to be moved carefully and safely. Because refrigerators are so large and heavy, only skilled movers will be able to successfully complete this type of move. Here are several tips for moving a refrigerator that will help you avoid costly mistakes:

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-If there are any electrical wires or cooling ducts inside of the refrigerator, make sure they are disconnected before the movers begin the move. All power needs to shut off prior to moving any appliance. Refrigerator movers will provide you with detailed information about each step of the move so you will know exactly what to expect. You may also want to ask for recommendations from friends or family who have completed similar refrigerator moves.

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-Never unplug a refrigerator from its electric source during the move. Refrigerator appliances must be completely drained of all power prior to moving it. Only power up the defrost heater if needed. For most appliances, this can be done in one of two ways: First, turn off the power source and then, remove the ice pack or blankets from the back of the refrigerator. Second, remove the air conditioner’s ducts and drain any water left in the compressor upright.

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-In order to get the best results, never move full-sized refrigerators. The cabinet that holds the appliance should be opened, but the parts inside should be left on. Remove the doors and drawer units of all drawers and place them on top of a piece of cardboard that is propped up partially inside the refrigerator. Attach tape along the base of the refrigerator and the edges of the door to ensure proper alignment when the unit is returned to the room.

Best Refrigerator Moving in Inglewood, California

-There are specific steps that must be followed for certain fridges that are difficult to maneuver. For example, most commercial fridges that have a large flat door on one side and a curved door on the other should not be moved more than four inches to the right or left. Additionally, when an upright freezer moves, all contents must be lined up in the same direction. This process requires at least two people to complete.

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It is important to note that the most skilled helpers will be able to help a refrigerator move almost all the way. Large commercial refrigerators usually have a loading ramp on the side that can be used to assist in loading. A dolly can also be used to lift larger items. To help avoid possible damage, all moving vehicle movers make use of dollies that feature a rubberized surface. This prevents scratches on the interior surface of the appliance.