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Moving a refrigerator is not the same as moving a freezer or a heat pump. Refrigerators, with their various components (range, water and food) are very heavy and unwieldy. Unless you are a professional electrician or a moving magician, it’s not a good idea to try to move an entire refrigerator by yourself.

Moving a refrigerator by yourself might save you money. But most people end up in a heap of trouble because they don’t know what they are doing. They hire a moving company or someone else to do the job. The result – they wonder why the refrigerator isn’t moving smoothly. The movers are inexperienced and can’t do the job right. So they pay the moving companies more and the refrigerators end up being damaged even more.

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Refrigerator moving by yourself is a recipe for disaster. Why pay the high costs of professional movers when you can do it yourself? All you need is a good set of moving directions, some heavy-duty gloves and the know-how to unpack, assemble and move the refrigerator in one piece. Here are some more ways to avoid common pitfalls:

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Move with care and with lots of precautions. Get help when you need it. Hire professional movers for the job because your little helpers won’t be able to protect your fridges as well as professional movers. Even if you’re using an appliance dolly, have the dolly moved to the garage, away from where the movers will be working.

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Wrap the fragile appliance in a trash bag or an old blanket. Do not wrap it around the moving truck. Use the trashed bag or blanket to protect the edges of the refrigerator. Do not use ratchet straps on the refrigerator because they can damage the fragile edges of the appliance. These ratchet straps can rip off the packaging paper inside the refrigerator.

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Do not leave fridges in extreme Huntington Parkratures. Refrigerators should never be left near the heat. The heat can warp the plastic, Huntington Park wires and even melt plastic parts. To minimize the dangers of leaving fridges in extreme Huntington Parkratures, follow these safety tips:

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Use a dolly. Only one helper is needed for moving a large fridge. The dolly can stand on its own or be attached to the wall of the fridge. You can also ask for help from your assistants.

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Do not move fridges on your own. They are heavy and unstable. Ask someone else to assist you in moving them. In this way, you will not injure yourself or anyone else. It is recommended that you should ask at least two other people to help you out. A professional moving company has professionals who have sufficient knowledge about the safety measures to move any kind of appliance easily.