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Moving a refrigerator is not the easiest move to make, especially with all the small processes that have to be completed to ensure your refrigerator will be safe during the move. Refrigerator moving companies have their own unique moving process that is unique to their company and they do it every single time. However, it is very possible to make the move on your own. The most important thing to remember when moving a refrigerator is safety and that should be your number one priority when doing so.

Refrigerator moving companies have a team of professionals that are well trained and knowledgeable about moving appliances safely. They know where your refrigerator goes, how to get it there and how to pack it safely so that it arrives in the same condition it was packed in. This makes your moving experience both easy and stress free.

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In order for your refrigerator moving experience to be a positive one you must follow the advice and directions of your chosen company carefully. Refrigerator moving companies recommend that you follow the simple steps outlined below. These steps are how to move a refrigerator from one floor of a building to the other and how to defrost it safely during the process.

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The first step to refrigerator moving is removing the doors from your garage or basement. This step may seem obvious but many people forget about this step. Refrigerator doors must be removed and any parts needed for moving should be disassembled and kept in a safe place until the job is complete. If you have a flat rate item such as a big refrigerator or an expensive wine collection this step may be a simple one but if you have a small flat rate item such as a food chopper this step may be crucial to your safety.

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The second step to refrigerator moving is disassembling all of the appliances in your garage or basement. There are several options available for how to do this. You can choose to move all of your fridges, televisions, washers and dishwashers by lifting them and placing them on a furniture dolly. This will allow you to free up a lot of space and move them with ease.

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Once all of your appliances are free you should then remove the doors from the rest of the property. It is vital that all of your fridges, dishwashers and refrigerators are properly supported at all times during the move. There is nothing more frustrating than having to move a refrigerator over an area of carpet and then have to worry about the appliance holding up due to property damage. It can create a dangerous situation and put your family in danger. A professional commercial moving company will use specially designed equipment to ensure that all of these items are well supported.

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Once all of the items have been moved, you should then focus on getting them stored properly. Many movers offer storage lockers that can securely store your appliances and other items properly. There should be multiple layers of protection so that even if a refrigerator or freezer is accidentally tipped over during the moving process, it won’t be damaged enough to cause major damage. Your local movers can offer specific storage recommendations for items that may need special attention.

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As long as all of the appliances are properly supported, stored and protected you shouldn’t have to worry about the safety of your refrigerator moving task without professional assistance. When the movers arrive at your home, they should assess the situation and then offer their professional advice to make sure that your appliances are securely placed where you want them. They should also offer recommendations about the best way to protect your other electronics from damage as well. When the job is completed successfully, you’ll have successfully completed the refrigerator moving task without professional assistance.