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What Do Senior Moving Companies Do? Senior moving companies are much more than just movers, though. They might not even be an actual moving business. Instead, they will often work with an actual moving company to manage the entire physical relocation. Senior moving services also help people who are in need of residential moving assistance. They help with all aspects of residential relocation including packing, loading, unloading, unpacking, and re-arranging furniture.

This type of professional helps seniors complete their long-distance moves. Whether you need to relocate to another state, or move to a different country, a long-distance mover can help. Many senior moving services have agents who are available to take care of these types of moves on your behalf. A long-distance move can be very difficult, especially if you don’t have someone to assist you every step of the way.

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Senior assisted facility is another option to consider when it comes to downsizing. If you’re going to be moving into a new assisted living facility, or nursing home, you might need to downsize. Senior movers can help you do just that. You can pack your belongings and load them into trucks, trailers, or other vehicles that will transport them to your new facility.

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Once you have your belongings transported, you need someone to manage the move. Whether you decide to use a senior move and packing company, or you go it alone, sorting out the items yourself will take time and patience. If you aren’t skilled at this type of moving and packing, you might end up damaging some of your items. That’s why you need to ensure that the company you choose for this task is skilled in the art of sorting and moving your belongings.

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A good senior moving company will be able to sort your belongings without harming them. They will also be experienced at removing all of the larger items from your home. This will leave more room for your family members to easily move about your home.

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As you work with your senior relocation and moving manager, you will want to discuss any special considerations related to your health. For example, you may be on medications that must be taken while you are moving. Your moving and reassignment company should be able to let you know if you cannot take certain medications while moving, or if they recommend that you contact your doctor before the move. By being fully informed of your health-related concerns, you will ensure that you are able to make the most of your senior relocation.

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Some senior relocation companies focus only on residential moves. While residential moves are usually easier than other moves, there is always the chance that your belongings could be damaged during a residential move. If you have health concerns or other special needs, you may not qualify for some residential moves. Your moving and relocation company should be able to tell you whether you will need assistance with transportation, or whether you will be able to rent a non-owner vehicle on your own. Your senior moving and relocation company should also be willing to make accommodations for disabled individuals.

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It is important to remember that moving and relocation should always involve planning. The fewer Green Valleys, the better. Make sure that you are well aware of how much your move will cost, and you will be able to better prepare for them. Be sure to let your senior moving and relocation company know when you first move, so they can plan properly for your move.