Full Service Moving with Best West Moving®

We get it, moving is a stressful time whether it’s across the town or across the country. We’re here to help families move without all the pressure and stress of a do-it-yourself relocation. Happy moves are our motivation, and we’ve been doing this since 2015.

What are Full Service Movers?

Full service moving is exactly what it sounds like. Pricing includes everything to do with the move from time to packing supplies. That means our customers can spend their time handling everything else about their transition. Full service moving is the least complicated way to move, since professionals with years of experience are in charge of every detail.

People use full moving service options for a variety of reasons. For example, full service makes sense if someone is not physically fit to pack, unpack, and lift. However, this option also helps people who need to report to new jobs immediately, are working on a short timeline, or even those who do not want to deal with all the potential moving complications. Regardless of the reason, we love helping our customers start their next step.

What is Included in Full Moving Service?

Full service moving prices include everything to do with a move, so our customers don’t have to worry about anything. We provide:

  • Packing Supplies

  • Packing Services

  • Furniture Disassembly and Reassembly

  • Truck Loading and Unloading

  • Transportation

  • Unpacking

  • Packing Material Disposal

Moving Steps with Full Service

Step 1: Estimate

Best West Moving® offers free full service moving cost estimates for any size move. Once a customer contacts us through our website or over the phone (310 689-9099), we get right to work. Our bid estimate covers full service moving and is typically ready in a couple of business days.

Step 2: Packing Time

Every mover we hire is professionally trained in the best packing methods. That means we can pack up any size move quickly and efficiently. Our experience means we can pack a house or office from top to bottom in a few hours, not a few days. We also stand behind our packing, so grandma’s plates will arrive intact every time.

Furniture is another factor in moves; in fact, it’s the heaviest one. Our professionals are comfortable with full and partial furniture disassembly where necessary, and the lifting if disassembly is not possible. We’ve seen every type of furniture under the sun, so we know how best to move them. Our customers don’t need to lift a thing.

As part of our full service packing and moving bundle, we supply all the necessary packing supplies. That means we have the boxes, tape, bubble wrap, regular wrap, furniture pads, and more to make sure everything arrives safely. Since materials are included, there are no last-minute runs for more boxes.

Step 3: Loading

Packing a moving truck is not like packing a vehicle. We’re familiar with both the heavy lifting and the best layouts to prevent shifting. It’s our pleasure to load up the moving truck, so everything arrives in the same shape it left.

Step 4: Transport

Full service packing and moving companies like us take pride in how we transport our customer’s possessions. All our drivers are well-trained regardless of how far they’re going. We also offer storage, so if there’s a gap between move out and move in, we’ve got our customers covered.

Step 5: Unloading

Once the truck arrives, it’s all hands on deck to unload. Our professional movers will have everything off the truck and into the new home quickly. The best part is because we’ve done this so often, items and walls stay immaculate throughout the process.

Step 6: Unpacking

Unpacking is often seen as a task that takes months to fully complete. We love changing that perception. Our movers will happily help sort out the boxes, unpack everything into its approximate home, and generally assist our customers in settle in without delay.

Our employees are professionals with it comes to positioning and reassembling furniture too. Not even Swedish boxed furniture can deter them from putting everything in its place. By the time a Best West mover leaves, our customers’ new homes are in perfect order.

Step 7: Packing Material Removal

Part of full service moving company costs includes the removal of all packing products. Most of the time, our customers do not want hundreds of boxes or yards of bubble wrap. Once unpacking is complete, we take the materials with us. This allows us to dispose of and recycle them properly, which adds sustainability to the whole moving process.