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Refrigerator moving is one of the most stressful steps to take when you are moving. From packing the fridge, to hitting the big red “X” to mark it out on the door, it can all seem very overwhelming. As with any home move, it’s always important to plan for any potential problems ahead of time, but in this case moving a fridge takes the top spot. If you’ve never tried to move a fridge before, it can be hard to know where to start and what to do.

The first thing you should do is to pack everything into the best space you have, which might be underneath the bed or a corner. Then you need to start thinking about the refrigerators you want to move and how to move them safely. You should always consult a professional mover with experience moving refrigerators if you plan to do it yourself, but here are some basic guidelines: Remove all doors and windows to eliminate any potential injuries. Wrap protective blankets around the edges of the fridge to keep it from falling on its side.

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Refrigerator Moving is best done on a good day, preferably a weekend so that it won’t rain. It’s important to have someone else to help with refrigerator moving, especially if you have small children or pets. Wrap blankets around the appliances and turn off the gas, but leave the doors open. If you’re worried about electricity being turned off in the moving process, you can double wrap the refrigerator and put tape over the blades to keep them from being knocked in.

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Moving a refrigerator is usually very simple; it’s just going to be a matter of getting things into place and securing everything. The most difficult step in refrigerator moving is wrapping the appliance in heavy plastic, since this will ensure that no moisture can get inside. After this step, you’ll need to unscrew all bolts and other fasteners on the appliance and set it aside.

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The next thing to do is secure the door to the refrigerator to the wall, which is usually a very simple task. Refrigerator movers use special equipment to hold the door in place while the dolly is in the moving truck. The last step in refrigerator movers’ instructions are often just to make sure everything is securely fastened down. Movers will often give you a checklist of the items you need to move, and these are generally things like screws or nails.

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Refrigerator moving prices vary depending on how large the appliance is, how much refrigerated space there is, and how fast the movers find a new home for your appliance. There are two common ways to cut the expense: rent with a local company or use a reputable company online. Renting makes the most sense if you don’t have an entire appliance replacement unit. Using a reputable online service can save money and the convenience. Refrigerator moving tasks are easy to complete when companies use high-quality equipment. These refrigerators often require only a few hours to move, allowing you time to enjoy your new home.

Best Refrigerator Moving in Encino, California

Refrigerator moving companies know that some damage to appliances occurs during the move. Refrigerator damage can occur any time a door is slammed or hinges are lifted during the move. Companies provide appliance repair services to prevent further damage and provide an appliance temporary storage area. Refrigerator damage caused by moving heavy items requires special attention. These heavy items should be lifted by trained professionals, and movers should only use dollies to lift doors and edges.

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It’s easy to schedule your refrigerator moving over the phone or through email, but there’s still nothing quite like being able to see a physical reminder of your move through the clear eyes of a professional mover. Refrigerator moving services offer step by step instructions for every step in the process, ensuring each customer has a unique experience from start to finish. Moving heavy items with the help of professionals might seem sEncino, but it’s important to keep appliances safe by following the steps laid out for them by their company.