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Refrigerator Moving is one of the most difficult tasks that a homeowner can undertake. It involves a lot of heavy lifting, lots of boxes and probably loads of plastic furniture sliders. There are several factors to consider before hiring movers. When choosing movers you have to choose a moving company that has years of experience moving refrigerators, so they know what to do in case you have any problems during the move. Here are some guidelines for how to move a refrigerator.

When moving a refrigerator, consider using a few tricks to make the job easier. The first trick is to keep ice in the freezer. One way to keep ice cold is to defrost it two hours before moving day. Another way is to place three or four cans of baking soda in the freezer. You can pour this mixture into the refrigerator and place it there an hour before moving day. This will prevent the ice from melting since baking soda absorbs almost all of the liquid in the refrigerator.

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The second step on how to move a refrigerator is to remove all non-food items from the bottom of the appliance. If you have dishes, pots or pans with holes, you will need to remove them. First remove the top and then the base. Any items left on the bottom should be left there so that they don’t get damaged. Do not throw these items in the trash because they can still be salvaged. You might also want to take pictures of your appliances so that you can identify any damage later.

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Before beginning the move to make sure that all power shut off. Refrigerator movers should use extreme caution while removing your refrigerator as they are strong metal and can damage your walls or other appliances. If you have any electrical wires near the base of the appliance you should wrap them in electrical tape. Always remember to turn off the power before attempting to move anything.

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Refrigerator movers can move the refrigerator by lifting or dragging. Either way, you should watch out for furniture sliders that are connected to the bottom of the appliance. The sliders can El Segundo and break off and cause damage to your refrigerator. You should never attempt to move a refrigerator with broken furniture sliders.

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Another important safety tips is that you should never leave fridges in the garage during the cold season. Garage heat can cause problems with fridges so you should store your fridges in a cold garage where it will be out of the reach of children and pets. Never leave a fridge in an unheated crawl space. Crawl spaces that are unheated can explode in a bad weather event and cause serious damage to your refrigerator.

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One more important thing to keep in mind is that you should defrost your refrigerator before moving it. In many cases it can be too late when a fridge has started to get cold to use it before you need to defrost it. You should defrost the refrigerator first by leaving it in the hot part of the room or on a sunny day in the late afternoon. Once it has started to defrost then you can put it back into the new place. After defrosting it you should put it back on the shelves where it came from. Keep in mind that this takes time so make sure that you have plenty of time before your moving day.

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When it comes to refrigerator moving there are some things that you can do that will make it easier. You should use a level as you place things in the refrigerator. You should also never leave fridges in basements because they can collapse. Finally, you should make sure that you measure the space you will be using so that you do not find yourself with an appliance that is too big for the space you have available. Also, if you find that something you are moving gets too hot when you are moving it to make sure that you don’t place it anywhere else because it could explode.