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Moving a refrigerator is always tricky. It takes some special skills and knowledge to make sure that the appliance will not only be moved safely but also correctly compensated for. Refrigerators are often very expensive and if they were to break down during the move, homeowner’s insurance will pay for at least part of the cost of repair. Having to call a moving company in to take care of this expensive appliance can be stressful. Here are some tips from seasoned professionals on how to move a refrigerator so it goes with you when you move to another home.

The first and most important step in refrigerator moving is to find the right professional movers. Many people attempt to do the move themselves without the proper knowledge or experience. In addition, some homeowners try to do the move themselves but end up hiring inexperienced movers that cost more than they bargained for. It is best to use movers that have many years of moving experience because these movers know exactly what steps to take to protect your appliances and to ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible.

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Before any refrigerator moving takes place, the homeowner should ensure that every outlet in the home is accessible and has enough power to operate the appliance. This is usually done by unplugging every appliance in the home and testing them to see if they work. In some cases, all a homeowner needs to do is reconnect an outlet. Homeowners should also contact their new home owners insurance company before moving to ensure that their kitchen appliances will be covered in the new home.

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Once all outlets are accessible, the homeowner will need to determine how to move a refrigerator. This usually involves disassembling the appliance to get to the parts. If there is damage to the appliance dolly, some movers offer this service for an extra fee. In general, if you purchase a moving dolly, it comes with instructions on how to move a refrigerator. The most important part of getting your appliances ready before moving is ensuring that the rubber wheels are in good condition and that they can handle the weight of the appliances.

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Refrigerator moving companies will offer various methods of packing. In most cases, this is done while the unit is at the storage facility. There are several ways how to move a refrigerator. Some movers provide the complete moving kit including the refrigerator, dishes, table & chairs, and even packing supplies if needed. It is important that the movers provide an estimate of how much the refrigerator will cost to move so that you can realistically budget your move. You should also ensure that they pack the unit securely to avoid any damage during transportation.

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When moving, one of the main concerns is the possibility of the refrigerator chipping. Moving companies may suggest defrosting your refrigerator before moving so that it is ready for use in the new place. The way defrosting works is that the defrost button will get turned on and the appliance will thaw out. Refrigerators are typically made from wood, so they can retain heat very easily. Heat tends to expand as it gets into a space, so when the door of the fridge is open, it could cause it to expand, which means it is safe to leave for a while. When the defrost button is turned on, however, it is safe to remove the contents of the fridge and place them in a cool dark, area where they will remain safe until the new place is ready.

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Before the movers come to move your refrigerator, they will disassemble the entire system including the compressor, condenser, refrigeration lines, cooling mechanism, and so on. They will reassemble them and reinstall all of the parts. If you are moving a large refrigerator, then you should ensure that all cooling lines, compressor, and all other moving parts are not damaged during transport. Movers will ensure that all moving parts to function properly, but you should call a professional to inspect the interior of your refrigerator if there is any damage or distortion. Moving companies will also check the condition of your cooling system to ensure that it is running properly before beginning your move.

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Before moving large fridges, ensure that you turn off the power to it. Refrigerators can be very dangerous to move because they contain coolant and often have coolant leaks that can result in serious bodily injuries. Make sure that you contact a professional to do the job, including all the steps to follow. It is possible that the cooling mechanism inside your fridge will rupture and explode if it is not carefully handled. You should contact a professional immediately in order to avoid any complications or loss.