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So, you’re thinking about trying couch moving. How do you move a couch? That’s easy! Just get a group of people together and hire a few good couch moving companies. Once you’re at the site, sit your people down and explain how you want the move to go. Here’s how to move a couch:

Moving a heavy couch into a new house or apartment can be a daunting task. Unless your move is planned correctly – which most of the time isn’t – there’s going to be extra work involved. Moving a heavy couch into another home requires more prep work than moving a regular sofa into another house. Let’s look at how to move a couch into another home:

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o Start by blocking off an appropriate part of the doorway (e.g. front door, back door, or a staircase) so that no one can get into the couch and hurt himself/herself. Note: some areas may not allow large furniture and door openers yet; in that case, just keep the couch in place and block the doorway. If that’s not possible, just close the door. Also note: don’t let the family pets inside the room where the couch will be moving; some couches can be heavy, and a family pet could hurt itself trying to maneuver.

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o Decide if you want to hire couch moving professionals or if you want to do the move yourself. Hiring movers might cost you more money, but it may be worth it if you want to be sure that the couch will arrive in a decent condition. Also, if you decide that you’re going to do the move on your own, you need to be aware that most companies will charge extra for the time spent driving, so it will definitely be worth it to have the couch moved professionally rather than doing it yourself.

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o Get a tape measure and a pencil so that you’ll know how far the couch needs to be moved. It’s best to have the measurements for the entire sofa to make sure that you’ll be able to get the couch into the new home. If the sofa isn’t very large, you can do it by yourself by using the tape measure and marking the spots that it’s too big for. However, if the couch is very large, you will need to hire furniture movers to move it for you. You should also consider how tall or wide the people that are coming into your home will be when deciding how to move a couch into another home. A couch that is too high or wide for someone to easily carry might end up costing them extra money because they have to carry the couch all the way from their current residence to the new one.

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o Know the type of furniture you have before hiring professional movers to move your couch. If you have an antique piece of furniture, there are certain types of moving equipment that won’t work to move it. Also, a couch that has removable parts is harder to move than one that doesn’t have any parts at all. If the couch has removable fabric pieces, be sure to mark those pieces as well so the movers can tell which parts of the couch to move and which ones to leave behind. Professional movers also have tools that allow them to indent the couch if need be so that it doesn’t stick together as they move it from place to place.

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o Know the proper procedures for disassembling a couch to get it into the truck. Some movers will disassemble the entire couch piece by piece so that the entire thing can go inside of the truck easily. Others will remove the cushions first and put them in plastic bags and then put the entire thing back together. You should also consider how fast the movers will move your couch into the truck or if you have to have the entire couch disassembled before they move it.

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o Know how to move a couch through an exit path. All couches come with an exit path where you can pull the couch out of the truck or stairlift and put it in the curb. Knowing how to move a couch through an exit path is very important. It’s easy to go wrong when trying to navigate an entry way when the couch is large because of its shape and weight. It’s easy to put the couch in the stairlift and pull it up, but what if you have to go down an exit that’s not very convenient?