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Downey Refrigerator Moving

Moving a refrigerator involves more than just pushing it into place and driving it out the door. Yes, it is a possible task but only if you follow the proper steps. If hiring movers to do the move for you is an option you don’t want to take, then this Refrigerator Moving Checklist is exactly what you should be doing. Here’s how to move a refrigerator on your own.

If hiring movers is out of the question, then this Refrigerator Moving Checklist is what you should be doing. First, remove the upper lid of the refrigerator. Unhook the plumbing lines from the refrigerator’s frame. You can either disconnect them or cut them off with a pair of utility knife cutters. Then, remove the metal clips that hold the doors in place on the frame of the refrigerator.

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Next, empty the contents of the refrigerator onto a flat, level surface, making sure that the floor of the area is dry. With the help of a moving supply truck, take advantage of any space left free on the outside of the unit. Use the moving supply truck’s dolly to carry the unit completely out of the garage.

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When you decide how to move a refrigerator on your own, start with the removal of the exterior panels. These panels can be removed without damaging the appliance because they have few or no moving parts. However, if the interior panel of the refrigerator has moving parts, such as hinges or the door, they may need to be held securely while being removed. This is particularly true for refrigerators with glass or metal doors.

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Once all the exterior panels are removed, unplug the refrigerator and remove the battery from the outlet. Plug in the mover’s moving blankets. Plug in the dolly. The dolly must be large enough to accommodate the fridge and all the moving blankets and the movers will need enough room to maneuver their equipment.

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The movers will need heavy duty tape to cover any edges or corners of the area that they are going to be moving. They will also need heavy duty paper towels and duct tape to cover the floor and furniture removal areas. The dolly will need to be attached to a dolly lift and this will ensure that all items reach their destination safely.

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Once the moving accessories are in place, secure the dolly to a sturdy surface. Make sure the dolly is level and does not tilt down. Lift the refrigerator up with the dolly and swing it forward and then swing it back. Repeat the move for each side of the refrigerator door.

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Once the refrigerator is at the desired location, secure the moving dolly to a strong rope and then lift the refrigerator up with the dolly. Lift and swing the fridge forward and then swing it back. Once the entire door is being moved, attach the strong rope to the dolly. Ensure the strong rope is securely fastened to the dolly.