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Business relocation isn’t just an easy move. It takes proper preparation which should be overseen by either an in-house moving coordinator or better yet, a commercial moving company who would take on several hundreds! The entire process can be exhdel surg and stressful, especially during the initial phases of the move. If you have no experience in moving a business or are not equipped with the proper business relocation tools, it’s very possible for your business relocation to go very wrong. Here are some of the main mistakes business owners make when relocating:

Hiring a Moving Company – One mistake that is made time and again is hiring a moving company to move all of your office equipment, furniture, and inventory. A move can be extremely complex and confusing without the help of a skilled professional team. While the move itself can be difficult, the unpacking phase can be even more difficult. The packing phase can be a highly tedious process involving all of the boxes that need to be organized.

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Investing in Commercial Moving Equipment – Another mistake experienced by many commercial movers is investing in commercial moving equipment instead of renting or purchasing furniture and other items. By using commercial moving equipment, you ensure that all of your employees will be properly apprised of where they are to be at any given moment during the move. Instead of investing in a multitude of different pieces of furniture, rent or purchase commercial moving boxes or furniture pieces that are specific to the size of each area of the move. This allows your employees to focus on the more important aspect of relocating – the task of packing up their belongings.

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Hiring an Inexperienced Office Movers – When hiring commercial moving company, it’s always recommended to work with those with a proven track record. Although this doesn’t mean you should choose a new office moving service every time you move, it does mean that you should hire someone who has previous experience. There is simply no substitute for first-hand experience. Even if the office movers are new to the business, they should still be happy to let you know their complete moving process along the way.

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Lack of Project Management – Although it may seem like a good idea to hire a new commercial moving services each move, this can actually cost more in the long run. Without the necessary planning and project management, the move can easily go over budget and not be as successful. Therefore, the best solution is to plan and coordinate the move with your local office movers and have them focus on the task of packing up your office and not the intricacies of the move itself.

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Not Planning and Establishing a Floor Plan – One of the most overlooked aspects of a corporate relocation is the process of laying out your moving plan. A good moving company should be able to help you with your floor plan, because a good floor plan will ensure that your belongings stay in their rightful place throughout the move. However, even if you have a floor plan in place, you need to make sure your movers can handle the job. Ask for some references or ask to see pictures of past corporate relocations to better understand how movers work.

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Incorrect Furniture Systems – One of the worst things that can happen during a corporate relocation are misplaced or broken furniture systems. Your employees and your moving boxes may not be properly organized when you move and this can result in lost equipment and goods. In addition to your moving boxes, office furniture needs to be arranged properly. This includes all office equipment such as computers and printers, or the less commonly used office furniture like chairs. Most professional relocation companies offer commercial project management services that include inventory management, which is crucial to ensuring your entire staff’s products and furniture are accounted for at the new location.

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Great Document Control – The moving process itself is not enough to ensure your items are accounted for. It is also important that you have a great document management system in place to track everything from invoices to receipts to shipping information. A reputable relocation service will implement a variety of methods for keeping your records organized. This way, you will be able to easily track all your products and ensure they are accounted for at the right time during the move.