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When it comes to moving a refrigerator, you have probably heard a million different things on how to do it. You know from the TV commercials that there is a special little gadget they sell that will make the entire process quick and easy. And then you have all those moving pictures of professional movers doing the job like they are from “Network Tools.” The reality is a little bit different than what you have been led to believe. Here are some tips to help with your refrigerator move.

The first thing you want to do when you think about how to move a refrigerator is to check the damage. All too often people see damage in their appliances after the fact and panic. But in reality, damage like this usually occurs during transit. Fridge damage happens because of things being dropped or banged against the appliance. So, if your appliance is glass, board, or metal, then chances are it will incur some damage.

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There are several options when it comes to moving a refrigerator. The first is to handle the move on your own. If you have the right equipment and know how to move a refrigerator, then it shouldn’t be too difficult. But if you haven’t taken the time to learn how to move a refrigerator and don’t have the proper equipment or movers, then you may want to hire professional movers for the job. It pays to do research online as well to find the best company to fit your needs.

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One way to minimize damage to appliances while moving a refrigerator is to use lightweight furniture sliders. These nifty little gadgets come with wheels and can easily be rolled across the bottom of the appliance. This is especially helpful if your refrigerator has a non-slip surface or even one with a door that doesn’t close properly. Professional movers can recommend the best type of furniture sliders for each specific situation.

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Refrigerator moving isn’t just about property damage. If you move your refrigerator to another location on your property and realize that it caused an increase in your utility bills or otherwise wasn’t worth the effort, you can make up for the lost money in other ways. If your refrigerator isn’t moving freely, then you need to make it stationary. This can often be done with the help of professional movers. They can pack your appliance and place it under cover so that it won’t move while in transit.

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Most people don’t have experience packing fragile items, so it pays to ask for recommendations before making a move. Professional movers will provide the necessary packing materials and recommend the best method for moving a refrigerator. They will probably suggest that you use heavy duty moving blankets for the move to help protect fragile glass panels and doors, and to help secure the appliances during transport. Some movers may offer protective blankets as part of the service; if not, they should be able to source one for you through their contacts.

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As refrigerators get older, they will require more support to lift. The dolly can be used to lift entire fridges, or it can be used to lift the top section of the door or the bottom section of the door. This helps prevent damage to the fragile glass, doors, and floors that are involved when moving fridges. Professional movers are trained to handle large household appliances safely, and so they will make sure that the entire move goes off without a hitch.

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Refrigerator moving means that you need to ensure that your fridge is properly supported while it moves to a new place. If you already have a brand new place to keep your fridge, then all you need to do is replace some of the parts that are beginning to show wear and tear and put the other parts back into place. If you’re moving a used fridge, then you’ll have to look for the parts that you can replace in order to fix the fridge before you take it to the moving company. You should also be careful about putting the fridge on a dolly for any reason, as this could cause serious injury. Always use dollies or cranes whenever lifting heavy objects, and use your common sense at all times.