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Arcadia Refrigerator Moving

Moving the refrigerator is an often-dreaded process by many families. It takes some effort on your behalf to make sure that everything goes smoothly. The last thing you want is to be left with broken appliances and lots of clean up to do. If you want to avoid such problems it is important to take some time to learn how to move a refrigerator.

The first thing you need to know is whether the refrigerator is actually moving with the unit or if it is merely retaining parts. If it is merely the moving component then you will need to consult a professional refrigerator moving company to get it done correctly. A professional company will have the appropriate equipment to make the move safely. If it is the entire refrigerator that needs moving then there are a few different options you have.

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Refrigerator Moving: Many local movers can come into the home and properly pack all the sections for the move. In most cases these companies will charge a fee for this service. The other way to do it is to purchase a packing kit which contains everything needed to move an appliance safely. Refrigerator packing is one more thing you should learn how to move before trying to do it yourself. Refrigerator moving should only be handled by trained professionals.

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Appliance Dolly: One of the easiest items to move is the refrigerator and this is where the appliance dolly comes into play. An appliance dolly is a sturdy plastic doll that has wheels. It is equipped with a handle on one side so that you can pull it across the room with ease. Once it is in the area where the refrigerator is located, simply unroll the dolly and the door will lift off the appliance.

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Kitchen Appliance Moving: Moving the refrigerator is only part of the whole process of moving your kitchen appliances. You also have to move the pots and pans as well. If you are living in an older home, you may find it difficult to find heavy duty boxes to use for the purpose of moving all of your appliances. If this is the case, consider using an old carton or large box that is big enough to hold your appliances and pots and pans. Otherwise, you will need to rent a moving rental carton.

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Hiring Professional Movers: Hiring professional movers to do your refrigerator moving can ensure your appliances make it to your new home intact. They have special tools and equipment for the job including sturdy straps on both ends to secure appliances to the moving floors. Professional movers can also remove the springs from inside the refrigerator. This allows them to place it flat on the floor instead of having to put it on a hanger. A professional moving company will provide you with a checklist detailing what steps they will take along the way so you will know exactly what needs to be done.

Best Refrigerator Moving in Arcadia, California

Furniture Sliders: When it comes to how to move a refrigerator you should also think about furniture sliders. These devices allow you to slide your furniture into place instead of having to use large and heavy furniture pieces. A professional moving company will supply you with the furniture sliders you need or you can order them from the internet. Furniture sliders are great because they take the hassle out of moving your appliances because they will automatically go into place when slid in between the walls.

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Air Compressor: If you do not already have an air compressor you will need to rent one for the job of moving your refrigerator. The air compressor is a tool that helps to move a refrigerator from one location to another. If you plan to have a refrigerator that has a cooling mechanism, you will also need to rent an air compressor. Make sure you are hiring a professional moving company to do the job because they will know how to get all of these moving things done without putting your appliances out of service for too long.