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Apartment Moving: What Does an Apartment Moving Company do. Apartment Moving Companies specialize in helping customers move from an apartment to a new one. Apartment Moving Services: what do they do? Apartment Moving Services deal with the entire moving process from unpacking, moving, unloading, assembling, unpacking, staging and finally unpacking once the apartment is ready to be moved into. Apartment Moving Companies can also perform repairs on the apartment once the move is complete. Apartment Moving Services does not do home staging, which involves arranging furniture and other details of the home according to your specifications.

Apartment Moving Companies provide professional moving services by maintaining a valid license, offering insurance, providing receipts for goods received, making deposits and receiving security deposits. Apartment Moving Companies charge a reasonable estimate for their services and will require a full disclosure of all items in the apartment. Apartment Moving Companies also do not require you to make any kind of deposit in advance.

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Apartment Moving Companies can pack your belongings into two ways: flat pack and truck pack. Apartment movers will pack your belongings using one or two methods depending on the size and type of apartment. Flat pack moving requires the Apartment Moving Company to pack your apartment as if it was a single-family home. Truck pack moving requires the Apartment Moving Company to pack your apartment the same way as if it were a small truck. Apartment movers have a variety of packing methods for several kinds of apartment.

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Apartment Moving Companies can also arrange to move furnishings in advance by providing a packing slip with the instructions on how to assemble all items together. The Apartment Moving Company should make a copy of the packing slip and keep it for their own records. Apartment move is often accompanied by a packing charge.

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Apartment movers charge by the hour or half day. Furnished apartments generally cost more than unfurnished apartments, so Apartment movers will try to give a competitive price. Apartment movers may not offer financing, so you should check with the moving company whether they provide such financing. Apartment movers generally give twenty four hours’ notice.

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Apartment movers cannot be responsible for packing, loading, unloading and reassembling your belongings. They are responsible for transporting your furniture, appliances, electronic and electrical appliances and linens between the new and old addresses. Apartment Movers are also responsible for cleaning out closets, bathrooms and every room in your apartment. Furniture should be unpacked and washed at your expense. If you wish to remove all of your furnishings prior to moving, the Apartment Moving Company will usually arrange for you to do this at their expense.

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Apartment movers are experienced in dealing with all kinds of situations. Apartment moving companies are familiar with all of the requirements of both the new home owners and the old homeowners. Apartment movers can assist both parties with any legal issues that may arise and they understand all of the local and federal regulations concerning apartment rentals. Apartment movers provide the best safe and secure moving environment available. They carefully pack and load all of your belongings into a moving truck and use special equipment to ensure that nothing is damaged during the move.

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Apartment moving companies should make sure that you know where your belongings are at all times. They should make sure that there are no damages whatsoever to your belongings, and that nothing is missing during the move-out. If they don’t have proper documentation for the move-out, your possessions could be at risk. You should also know what to expect when you arrive at your new place. You should familiarize yourself with all of your Apartment Moving Company’s policies concerning rent collecting and damage of your personal property.